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Inspirus Credit Union (called Washington Teachers’ Credit Union at its inception) was founded in 1936 by a high school math teacher named Robert Handy. Back then, their charter was for teachers. Over time, the credit union expanded from teachers to educators (which included principals, administrators, and members of the school board). Today, Inspirus Credit Union serves people all over Washington; as long as you live, work, or worship in the state, you’re welcome to become a member.

In Belief Agency’s research phase, we came across a significant part of Inspirus’ history: The Teachers’ Money Handbook. The Teachers’ Money Handbook was a newsletter created by Robert Handy to help educators make educated financial decisions—from how to set up a savings account to how to buy your first car. Back in those days, The Teacher’s Money Handbook proved to be a big hit. Within the span of only a few months, thousands of the booklets were requested and distributed.

We decided to take the original idea and bring it into the 21st century, by turning The Teacher’s Money Handbook into a financial literacy and money management resource for everyone. We partnered with Inspirus and conducted SEO research around search terms to create Your Money Handbook, which was hosted on a landing page ( To develop Your Money Handbook, we created more of the great advice Inspirus’ members have come to expect.

We later turned each of the articles into video content (called “Your Money Minute”), ad content, and social content which was distributed across channels that members (and potential members) used on a daily basis—like email, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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It was important that the Your Money Handbook lockup felt like part of the larger Inspirus brand, so we used the existing brand guide and stripped the color palette back to basics. We focused on primary colors—blue, red, yellow—in another nod to educators.

At the request of Inspirus, we also introduced a new illustration style which was whimsical and clearly articulated the concepts in this original content. The final design drew inspiration from the original Teacher’s Money Handbook—with a few modern updates. We also introduced some abstractions of familiar classroom images, like flash cards, multiplication tables, numbers, and graph paper.

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“Your Money Minute”

Optimizing content was one of our primary strategic goals. After researching and writing the articles, we adapted each into script format and created a series of 60-second videos called “Your Money Minute.” The videos were hosted by a Seattle Public Schools teacher who distilled financial literacy and money management concepts into easily-digestible and engaging video content.

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We think of Your Money Handbook as a public dividend—an ongoing investment in Inspirus’ community. The strategy proved to be a good investment. Our goal at the beginning of our engagement was to increase traffic to by 10 percent. During our campaign, we saw a 77 percent increase in overall users year-over-year to the main product website, Thirty-eight percent of those users were referred by the Your Money Handbook campaign. We effectively opened an entirely new acquisition channel for new customers and exceeded all expectations for performance.

Video views in quarters three and four totalled 683,979. More important is the average percentage viewed, which reached 88 percent of our top-performing video content. With that level of engagement, it’s safe to say we created a positive brand impression.

The Your Money Handbook campaign was largely about increasing brand awareness, but we also saw 6,321 product page views—driving new users from top of funnel brand content to middle of funnel product content. This is a testament to the quality of content created in our collaboration with Inspirus.

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The numbers: at a glance

77% (increase in overall users year-over-year)

38% (percentage of users referred by Your Money Handbook)

683,979 (video views for Q3 and Q4)

88% (video views average percentage)

6,321 (product page views)