Film production & animation

Telling stories with conviction takes more than just cutting-edge equipment, filmmakers, and a studio (although we have all that). You need a team who understands how to structure and craft stories that move people.

Our award-winning crew of producers, filmmakers, and animators have tackled projects including feature-length films, music videos, documentaries, web series, and primetime commercials. But it’s our deep experience and understanding of story structure that sets us apart.

Live-action films

Our crew has shot films on every continent except Antarctica (so, let us know if you’re interested in a trip to the South Pole). We have a global network of vendors to support that kind of project, but our core team works together daily at our offices in Seattle, collaborating to craft the narrative, execute the production, and edit the raw footage into a finished film.

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Animated videos

Mythical fire-breathing dragons? Animated it. Top-secret smart devices? Animated it (in 3D). A CGI oil monster swallowing a house? Animated it.

Regardless of the project, we’re dedicated to craft and care. Each movement matters, so we focus on finessing and refining even the smallest details. And because design and animation happen under the same roof, we save time and boost quality.

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Our filmmaking process

Whether it’s live-action or animation, a film is a story. Unlike traditional agencies, our production team is in-house. At Belief Agency, filmmakers and marketers work alongside each other to help craft stories that move people to action, using video as part of your overall brand strategy.

Step 01

Scripting. It’s more than knowing how to format a script. We listen more than we talk. For documentaries, we conduct interviews and write story beats that inform what we’re going to capture.

Step 02

Production. This is the lights, camera, action step (or layering, rigging, and rendering if it’s an animated video). This is where we actually make the thing—whatever the thing is.

Step 03

Finishing. Over 30 disciplines (from color-grading to 3D modeling) come together in the post-production department to take raw footage or illustrations and polish them into a finished product.


Creative concepting
Art direction
Story development


Photography (conceptual, documentary, event, how-to, food, portraiture, product)
Live-action video production (commercials, corporate, documentary, explainers, events, how-to, narrative, music videos, product demos, stop motion)
Prop styling
Set design


Online/offline editing
3D modeling/rendering
VR/AR development

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