Consulting & Belief Sessions

Identifying how to communicate is important. Brands know they should have a content or social strategy, a video marketing plan, or a go-to-market campaign—but they’re often left wondering what to communicate. Not only is your belief your first, strongest, and most powerful differentiation in the market, it brings clarity about what to communicate. (And just as important: to whom you communicate.)

Uncovering and articulating your belief is the first step in establishing an effective strategy for operationalizing truth and communicating to your audience in a way that inspires them to action—whether it’s your first time in the marketplace or you need to breathe new life into your marketing and communications.

When you know what you believe, you know what to do

The Belief Session® is a three-hour interactive core messaging workshop designed to uncover and articulate the shared belief, purpose, and values of an organization—the organization’s true differentiation.

The Belief Session creates alignment, internally among employees and externally for the market. Uncovering and articulating these fundamental elements ensures everyone in the company is working from the same foundation, and more importantly, heading in the same direction, inciting new energy for the future and aligning the organization’s communicators around a true shared narrative.

“Education is power.”

“Caring for people is contagious.”

“Zero-defect health care is possible.”

“Every moment matters.”

“Hope is a basic human right.”

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What happens in a Belief Session?

You know it’s a “core messaging workshop.” But what does that really mean?


Before the pens are uncapped and the workshop even begins, we start working, studying your company’s history, poring over historical documents, and beginning to look for clues about what’s driving your organization.

The workshop

During the three-hour workshop, the facilitators guide participants through a proprietary, interactive method that surfaces the organization’s belief, purpose, and values. The facilitators are constantly analyzing the information, looking for common threads, and organizing around themes. We narrow as the session goes on, articulating emerging frameworks and ideas and culling the tangents until what’s left is what’s central to the brand.

After the workshop

Now what? The workshop results in an executive summary that reflects the belief, purpose, and values, along with a manifesto, additional copy suggestions, and a transcript and audio file of the Belief Session®.

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