You Are a Storyteller: Writing From a Place of Truth


To develop as a storyteller, writers must learn to avoid certain traps. One trap is the temptation to create from a place of ego—making choices to stand out rather than to serve the story. Another trap is the allure of presentation, whether it’s focusing on screenplay formatting, filmmaking equipment, or new technology. But there’s a healthier way to grow as a storyteller that will ultimately benefit your stories and your audience—and that’s writing from a place of truth. 

“The more you know about your craft and the history of your craft, the more secure you feel in the choices that you’ve made.”

A “beginner’s mind” is a Zen principle which means adopting a humble, teachable attitude. From studying classic films to reading great screenplays and interviews with impactful filmmakers, humility helps writers develop their craft and get a sense of bearings so they become free to write more honestly. By getting beneath the surface, writers can create truthful stories which resonate with an audience precisely because they come from a place of real conviction, fear, and vulnerability.

On this week’s episode of You Are a Storyteller, Brian and Jesse discuss Brian’s history as a storytelling teacher, recall some of their shared influences, and offer insight as they explore how to write with “emotional truth.”