You Are a Storyteller: The Power of Story


One of the most powerful ways to move people is through stories. They contain the wisdom we need to survive. They’re essential for us as we live in and navigate the world around us. They are our hope when we are in despair. They are our guide when we’ve lost our way. And they are our inspiration when we are weary. We need stories—we simply cannot survive without them.

“Stories make the world, and stories change the world—all the time.”

When we understand the power of story, we have an obligation: to tell true stories. And some of the truest stories, the ones that tell us the most about ourselves, are about princesses and pigs and dragons and wolves. But when we use the power of story to tell lies instead of the truth, we manipulate when we should inspire, mislead when we should reveal, and make poison when we should make medicine.

On this week’s episode of You Are a Storyteller, Brian and Jesse explore the ways we’ve used stories throughout history—and the power they’ve had in shaping and reshaping our lives.