You Are a Storyteller: The Myth of the Overnight Success


Behind every moment of triumph, there’s a story of struggle. For Brian McDonald, that story has been 33 years—and a lot of struggle—in the making. In this week’s episode, Brian talks about the release of his new graphic novel, “Old Souls,” and the journey from first word to launch.

Earlier this week, Brian McDonald announced the release of his new graphic novel, Old Souls, which was the #1 new release in graphic novels on Amazon. We couldn’t be more proud! 

In this episode of You Are a Storyteller, Brian shares about the hardships and obstacles standing in the way of his career, as well as what stood in the way of publishing Old Souls. This book has been 14 years in the making, and there were many times it was tempting to quit. Brian said it got hard when his friends started telling him to quit. “They said it out of concern,” he said, but “how do you keep going when everyone tells you to quit, or you don’t seem like you’re making any ground?” 

During his journey to publishing this book, he thought a lot about the tortoise and the hare. That story would go through his head like a mantra, “Slow and steady wins the race. Slow and steady wins the race.” Why this story? According to Brian, “It’s so elegant. It’s so simple. It’s so clear. It always looks like the hare’s winning. It looks that way to everyone who’s watching, and it looks that way to you. It’s slow and steady. The slow you don’t have any control over, but the steady you do. So you just keep moving. It doesn’t matter how slow it is.” 

“I think, sometimes, when people see someone in a particular position in life, they think that it was predestined or somehow easy or inevitable, but that’s not the experience for most people. When you’re going through it, it’s [like] climbing Mount Everest…When you know it’s not inevitable, it’s not destiny, it calls on you to dig deep and to find the faith in yourself.”  

Now that the book’s finished, when asked if it was worth it, Brian’s answer is simple, yet says it all, “It’s so hard to put your heart and soul into a book like that, [but] that’s the reward. And it’s a bonus that other people get to read it.”