May 09, 2018

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We're Hiring: For the Film Team

We have two open full-time roles on our video production team we're seeking to fill with people who can help develop films that tell a clear and compelling story.

Video Editor
Video editors at Belief Agency are passionate about story structure. They understand the craft of structuring stories so deeply that they can identify the correct moments that make a film truly effective. They should not only know how to tell a story, they should study it, understanding that the edit is only as good as the story. Working in the post-production department, they are responsible for collaborating with the filmmakers and directors to bring to life the stories we tell for our clients. 

Qualified candidates should be able to take an edit from assembly to final delivery, working in an established post-production workflow while maintaining their creative contributions. Sound like you? Read the full job description here. When you're ready, fill out this form to apply.

Filmmakers at Belief Agency are passionate about telling stories. Working in the production department, they are responsible for bringing stories to life, from script to screen. While their role can differ from project to project, their goal at the end of the day is serve the story. 

Filmmakers at Belief Agency should be able to fill virtually any role on-set or in the edit suite, including director, assistant director, DP, 1st AC, 2nd AC, gaff, and grip. That means being able to identify and lead production crews, possessing a strong working knowledge of industry-standard production gear, and having a familiarity with all aspects of post-production.

Sound like you? Read the full job description here. When you're ready, fill out this form to apply.

Underrepresentation is a significant problem in our industry. Belief Agency is an equal-opportunity employer, and if you identify as part of an underrepresented group, you are strongly encouraged to apply.